Monday, March 28, 2011

Caleb +Kate book review

Caleb + Kate
Cindy Martinusen- Coloma
Chapters: 20
Pages: 279
Caleb + Kate is the second book by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma that I have read. The other book was also about high school students. I would classify Caleb + Kate as Christian teen fiction and teen chick lit. It’s a book two teenagers from two different worlds. Both come from rich families however no one knows that the other one is rich.  Kate is “poor little rich girl” while Caleb who is from Hawaii gets labeled a bad boy; because of the way he’s dress, his tattoos, and the fact that he drives a motorcycle.
To me it is a modern Romeo and Juliet Story, but with two Christian teenagers. It was easy to see which characters from Romeo and Juliet reflective in Caleb + Kate.  Caleb was Romeo, Kate was Juliet, and some guy named Ted was Paris.  The novel even has a family feud between Caleb’s grandpa and Kate’s family.   Will Caleb and Kate end up together or will their families tear them apart? You’re going to have to read the book in order to find out what happens. All in all it was a good book; I’m not use to writing a book review on teen books.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Book review of Pearl in the Sand

Title: Pearl in the Sand
Author: Tessa Afshar
            Pearl in the Sand is based on the Biblical story of Rahab, and Salmon(e), and the fall of Jericho. Since the Bible does not really say anything about Rahab’s life before the two spies make their way to her door. Or even after the fall of Jericho. Tessa Afshar had a little bit of poetic license in writing the novel. The author suggests that Rahab might have been sold in to prostitution at an early age by her father.  
While Salmon(e) is a leader of the tribe of Judah. When Salmon(e) first meets Rahab he cannot see passed her past as a Zonah Hebrew word for prostitute however after a while the two fall in love. Even though the life of a Zonah wasn’t something that she chose, she still had to repent.  The healing process comes to Rahab because of pearl earring that had been left in the sand over night and almost destroyed; she realizes that she is still beautiful and treasured by God.  I wonder if that is why the author named the book Pearl in the sand.
How does a cannaite harlot find happiness, marriage, and love with a leader of Judah? Simple through God’s Grace. Pearl in the Sand is more than just a love story between Salmon(e) and Rahab. It more importantly a story of God’s Grace and Mercy, how with Faith and belief in God and Jesus the sins of the past are washed clean.
If you want to read more about Rahab you can read her story in Joshua in the Old testament, Hebrews, and Matthew in the New Testament. Joshua and Hebrews mention Rahab’s past it mentions her past covered with God’s Grace. Matthew includes her along with four other women.
Other fiction title about Rahab include Unashamed Francine Rivers, and Daughter of Deliverance Gilbert Morris

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring reading thing 2011

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Spring reading thing 2011
*      Classics
*      Pride and Prejudice insight ed Jane Austen
*      Sense and Sensibility insight ed Jane Austen
*      Christian Fiction
*      Pearl in the Sand Tessa Afshar
*      Latte Daze Erynn Mangum
*      Double Shot Erynn Mangum
*      Here Burns my Candle Liz Curtis Higgs
*      The Cowboy’s family Brenda Minton
*      The Colonel’s lady Laura Frantz
*      The Amish Midwife Mindy Starns Clark
*      Miss match Erynn Mangum
*      Rematch Erynn Mangum
*      Match Point Erynn Mangum
*      Leaving Karen Kingsbury
*      Within my Heart Tamera Alexander
*      Beaded Hope Cathy Liggett

*      Non Fiction
*      Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali Kris Holloway
*      Saved by Her Enemy: An Iraqi woman's journey from the heart of war to the heartland of America Don Teague
*      Reshaping It All Candace Bure
*      Preparing to be a Help Meet Debi Pearl

*      YA
*      Caleb and Kate Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
*      Double take Melody Carlson
*      Never been Kissed Melody Carlson
*      Beautiful Cindy Martinusen- Coloma

The Katie Weldon Series

Peculiar Treasures
Robin Jones Gunn
Katie Weldon Series

Peculiar Treasures picks up where the Christy Miller series leaves off. It starts with Christy’s and Todd’s wedding. Katie was Christy’s maid of honor; meets a guy that will go on to become a great friend. Katie wishes that she would actually be Rick Doyle’s girlfriend.
     Katie is getting ready to start her senior year of College, with surprises in store. I didn’t really plan on reading the book; I mostly picked up the book, because of the title, which comes from Exodus 19:9 in the KJV. Then I noticed that it was about a character from the Christy Miller series; my favorite character actually Katie Weldon. I loved the Christy Miller series when I was younger, and I always felt I related more to Katie than I did to Christy. It was neat to read a book about Katie and a little bit about their time in college.
Title: On a Whim
Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Series: Katie Weldon Book two

On a Whim continues Katie’s story during her senior year of college. She’s finally Rick’s girlfriend, but will it last. She loves her job as an RA; things are going great until a string of problems come Katie’s way. Her beloved car dies, a friendship starts to complicate things, and she’s wondering her she’s going to pay for her schooling. She ends up making major changes. Just like with Peculiar Treasures there are surprises in store for Katie that hopefully changes her life for the better.

Title: Coming Attractions
Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Series: Katie Weldon Series Book 3
     Katie’s senior year of college is drawing to a close. One chapter of her life is ending, and another is getting ready start. Kate wonders what God has in store for her life. She wonders if her dream of going to Africa is just that her dream of if it is what God wants her do or if it something she wants to do sense she has nowhere else to go when she graduates.

     By the end of her senior year Katie has broken up with her boyfriend, attended another friend’s wedding, and finally learns to follow her heart, and that God’s ways are not our ways.

     I really enjoyed reading this series I wish Robin Jones Gunn would continue Katie’s and Christy’s stories into adulthood.  There were a few quotes in this book and throughout the series that I really liked. I also liked that Bible verses were included in the books.


“I like to call them God things”
Katie On a Whim

“You can run, but you can’t hide, Katie. Love is going to catch up with you, and when it goes, you are going down big time.”
Todd Coming Attractions

“Like I said I’d be honored to be your ‘woman of Honor’”
“Good I like that: woman of honor instead of maid of honor” Julia
Coming Attractions  

“In Africa we have a saying. ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Eli Coming Attractions
I would recommande this books to anyone who loved the Christy Miller series and a child and as a teen. I would give the series a 10 out of 10.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Book reviews

Title:Swing on a Star
Author:Jancie Thompson
Series: Book two in the Weddings by Bella

 Bella has to plan her most instersing wedding to date a Renesnice themed wedding, in which the best man is a Hollywood star. Who has to hide out with her family. Bella has her work cut out for her, can she pull it off. If that's not enough of a twist there are two suprise propoals.

Title: It Had to be You
Author: Jancie Thompson
Series: Book three in the Weddings by Bella
in this book Bella plans a wedding that no one ever though would happen. there are turns and twists along the way that leave you guessing. With more engaements and an elopement, that leaves Bella wondering if she will ever have happliy ever after.