Monday, December 31, 2012

Reading and Book Goals for 2013

  • Put a dent in my To Be Read pile
  • With my school load this semester I am only sitting my goodreads reading goal at 70
  • Limit book buying to one or two hardback books a month. Unless it's a book for school and my public library does not have it
  • Actually keep up and maybe get ahead in the books that I have to read for school 
  • Buy no more than 4 love inspired books a month 
    • then only to complete series I already have 
    • favorite author 
    • book I really like 
  • wait for the library to get many of the books that I want to read unless it is a favorite author or series that i want to finish
  • this is to help me save money. 
  • Try to do more book reviews. 
  • read at least 5 classics this year
  • complete all the challenges I signed up for 2013
  • update the reading challenge page on my blog monthly 
  • update the list of books read for 2013 monthly 

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