Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review of The Accidental Bride

Title: The Accidental Bride

Author: Denise Hunter

Series: A Big Sky Romance
Chapters: 40 plus epilogue

Pages: 295

Genre: Christian Romance, Christian Western

Rating: 4 ½ stars

     Shay just wants to move on from the past and raise her daughter as a single mom.  Run her ranch and forget her first love. Travis can’t forget his first love, and how he foolish left her at the altar to go chase rodeo dreams.  With a founders day goof leaves them “accidentally” married they have two options find away to end the “accidental marriage” or give it a try.
     The Accidental Bride is the second book in A Big Sky Romance. I enjoyed reading the story. But I didn’t like it as a good as The Trouble with Cowboys (which I ended up reading first) and A Cowboy’s Touch. Even though it was well written I think that the whole high school sweethearts get a chance story isn’t really my thing. However The Accidental Bride was still a good story, and I feel that others will enjoy it. I will be reading Denise Hunter’s books in the future. 

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