Friday, December 15, 2017

Review of Bread of Angels

Bread of AngelsTitle: Bread of Angels

Author: Tessa Afshar

Chapters: 63

Pages: 398

Genre: Biblical Fiction

Rating: 5 stars

In Bread of Angels Lydia is pretty much left with no other options other than to flee her homeland and go to Philippi. She takes her father's secret formulas for making purple dye. Along with a friend she made along the way. She struggles to set up her own business. But a female run business isn't heard of in Philippi but she is determined to make a go of it. She ends up with a wealthy female patron who gives her a loan, that Lydia ends up paying back in less than a year. 
But becoming a successful business woman isn't the only thing that happens to Lydia in Philippi, she meets the apostle Paul and becomes his first European convert. Lydia holds to message of hope she gets because the days of hardships and not knowing what is going to happen is far from over.
Bread of Angels is Tessa Afshar's second trip into the New Testament with her Biblical fiction novels. Her first being Land of Silence. I recommend reading Land of Silence because characters from that first book make their way into Bread of Angels.  I enjoyed Bread of Angels just like I have all of Tessa's previous novels and I look forward to the next one

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Favorite Christmas Books

Wrapped in Red (A Three Rivers Romance Novella)Title: Wrapped in Red

Author:  Meghan M Gorecki

Pages: 111

Genre:    Christian Romance Christmas  

Rating: 5 stars

Solve by ChristmasTitle: Solve by Christmas

Author:  Amber Schamel

Pages: 106

Genre:       Mystery Christian fiction Christmas 

Rating:  4 stars

A Gift from Bob: How a Street Cat Helped One Man Learn the Meaning of ChristmasTitle: A Gift from Bob

Author:  James Bowen

Pages: 192

Genre:    Non fiction Christmas 

Rating: 5 stars

Merry and BrightTitle: Merry And Bright

Author:  Debbie Macomber

Pages: 224

Genre:    Romance Christmas

Rating:  3 stars

The Christmas CatTitle:  The Christmas Cat

Author:  Melody Carlson

Pages: 176

Genre:       Christmas  

Rating: 4 stars

The Christmas TownTitle:  The Christmas Town

Author:  Donna Vanliere

Pages: 228

Genre:       Christmas  

Rating: 4 stars 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Review of The Progeny

The Progeny (Descendants of the House of Bathory #1)Title: The Progeny

Author:  Tosca Lee
Chapters: 45

Pages: 336

Genre: Fiction         

Rating: 4 stars

     Imagine being decedent from the first female serial killer in history being a Progeny and being the hunted. That's what happens to Emily Porter in this fictional twist on the Countess Elizabeth B legend. 

     Emily Porter has no memory of her life nor does she remember why she chose to have her memory erased. All she knows is that Emily is not her real name and that she did what she did to protect those she loves. She just doesn't know who those people are.  When two guys Luka Novak and Rolan Vasilesau show up claiming to know her and want to protect her and claiming the other is trying to kill her, she doesn't which one to trust.  She eventually makes a choice of who to trust hoping she hasn't made the wrong one.  Her choice and some clue she finds leads her back to Eastern Europe. 

     There she reconnects with people she knew before she had her memory erased. But again she doesn't know who she can trust. Trusting the wrong person can lead to danger and death. But we three loyal friends she set off to find a mythical diary of Countess Elizabeth B that may or may not exist. In order to stop this feud between Progeny and Scion's once and for all.    The book ends in a cliff hanger with question yet answered but don't worry the sequel in this duology is already out. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Reading this week

A Viscount's Proposal by Melanie Dickerson
A Christmas Tartan by Paige Shelton
Batgirl and the birds of Prey
These Healing Hills by Ann H Gabhart
It Takes Two by Jonathan Scott

Firstborn by Tosca Lee
Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost
Solve by Christmas by Amber Schamel
The Crown by Robert Lacey

Currently reading

Roseblood by A.G. Howard
O Christmas Bree by Erynn Mangum
A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs
Death of a Toy Solider by Barbara Early 

Non-fiction reading

Never Look at the Empty Seats by Charlie Daniels

Getting ready to read
To Wager Her Heart by Tamera Alexander
A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R King


Devotional reading
365 Devotions for Hope

Did not Finish
Cat about Town by Cate Conte
Leia, Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray

Reviews Posted this week 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Review of Happily Ever Ashten

Happily Ever AshtenTitle: Happily Ever Ashten

Author: Erynn Mangum

Series: Carrington Springs book 3

Chapters: 19 plus epilogue  

Pages: 325

Genre: Christian Chick lit new adult

Rating: 5 stars

     Happily Ever Ashten is the last book in the Carrington Springs series by Erynn Mangum. Ashten has lived in Carrington Springs her whole life and has pretty much worked at her grandparent's restaurant her entire life it seems. Now that she is a teacher she still works at the resultant in the summer, but at 31 she wants more. Her family her father especially wonder why she's not married yet. As a 30 year old who's father asks the same question on repeat I can relate. She's living in a room in Katie's house and she knows that's going to have to change because Katie's is getting married. 

     Eliza gets it in her mind to play matchmaker between Mike and Ashten about the time that Ashten's ex-boyfriend the one she thought she was going to marry comes back to town.  Ashten is torn she doesn't know what to do. But then her grandmother gives her some awesome advice that sounded just like something my own would say. 

     Happily Ever Ashten wraps up the series nicely Katie and Eliza get their happy endings and we see the direction that Ashten's future is taking. Though I wish we could have seen Ashten's happily Ever After too, since it is the title of her book, but we did sort of get a look at it with the comment the guy who won her heart said.  I am looking forward to her next book or series. I've already finished one novella she wrote this year, review to come, and as always I look forward to her Christmas one this year.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Review of Solve by Christmas

Solve by ChristmasTitle: Solve by Christmas

Author: Amber Schamel
Chapters: 18

Pages: 106

Genre: Christmas cozy mystery historical mystery

Rating: 4 stars

     Solved By Christmas is a Christmas cozy mystery with Sherlock Holmes vibes. Set in early 1900s Colorado. Detective Jasper Hollock is given the task of proving to his boss Mr. Rudin that life is worth living.Otherwise Jasper will lose the only father figure he's ever known. All while trying to figure out who is trying to ruin Rudin Sugar Factory. 

     I finished this cozy Christmas mystery in just a few days, if it hadn't been for work and school I may have been able to finish it just one day. I loved just about all of the characters especially Denny the young orphan boy that just wants a job with Jasper. To me Denny was a character straight out of Dickens he really tore at my heartstrings. This book combined two of my favorite types of books together: cozy mysteries and Christmas. Solved by Christmas is a heartfelt read that to me would make the perfect Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. 

     I was given an E-book copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Friday, December 1, 2017

December TBR

December to finish

These Healing Hills by Ann H Gabhart
Roseblood by A.G. Howard
A Christmas Tartan by Paige Shelton
Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost
It Takes Two by Jonathan Scott
Crepe Factor by Laura Childs  

December TBR

O Christmas Bree by Eyrnn Mangum
Hark the Hearld Angels Slay by Vicki Delany
Colors of Christmas by Olivia Newport
Firstborn by Tosca Lee
To Wager her Heart by Tamera Alexander
Lady Killers by Tori Telfer
Steal away Home by Matt Carter 
A Wild Goose Chase Christmas by Jennifer Allee 
Never Look at the Empty Seats by Charlie Daniels 
Almost Gone by John Baldwin 
Proud to be a Marine by Brian C Kelly 

Reading Austen in America by Juliette Wells