Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Book reviews

Title:Swing on a Star
Author:Jancie Thompson
Series: Book two in the Weddings by Bella

 Bella has to plan her most instersing wedding to date a Renesnice themed wedding, in which the best man is a Hollywood star. Who has to hide out with her family. Bella has her work cut out for her, can she pull it off. If that's not enough of a twist there are two suprise propoals.

Title: It Had to be You
Author: Jancie Thompson
Series: Book three in the Weddings by Bella
in this book Bella plans a wedding that no one ever though would happen. there are turns and twists along the way that leave you guessing. With more engaements and an elopement, that leaves Bella wondering if she will ever have happliy ever after.

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