Monday, July 1, 2013

Review of Paige Torn

  Title: Paige Torn

Author: Erynn Mangum

Series: Paige Alder
Chapters: 19

Pages: 291

Genre: Christian Chick Lit

Rating: 5 stars

     Paige Torn is the newest by Erynn Mangum, and she does it again. Paige Torn is another great book by Erynn. However I may be slightly bias because I’ve loved all of her novels and novella’s. Erynn writes characters that one relates to. As well as the right balance of humor and Faith. Paige torn is no different. I like that fact that Erynn writes chick lit. I love that fact that she writes Christian chick lit. With her main characters being in their 20’s makes for great reading for this 20 something.

     Paige Torn is the first book in the Paige Alder series. Just happens to be my favorite novel and character. While I liked Lauren from the Lauren Holbrook series and could relate to parts of Maya’s life in the Maya Davis series. I find that I can relate to Paige because after reading Paige Torn I find that I am Paige and like Paige I do have a hard time saying no.


     In Paige Torn Paige Alder is a twenty two year old college graduate who works at an adaptation agency as a secretary. She feels that her singleness as time for service. Unfourntally Paige cannot say no to anyone, to point where she barely has time to read her Bible let alone eat dinner. At 22 she doesn’t want to get married let alone date. That’s when she meets Tyler a guy who helps with the youth at Church. Can God use Paige’s coworker, best friend and Tyler to show her how thin she is spreading herself?


     Another winner and I cannot wait until October for book two Paige Rewritten. At least I don’t have to wait a whole year.


I brought the book and the review is my own thoughts. 

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