Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review of Beast and Beauty

Of Beast and Beauty: Stacey Jay: 9780385743204: BooksTitle: Of Beast and Beauty

Author: Stacey Jay
Chapters: 29 plus prologue and epilogue

Pages: 391

Genre: Teen Dyspitoa, fairy tales retold

Rating: 4.5 stars

     Of Beast and Beauty is a retelling of the classic fairy tale Beauty and Beast. It is also set in the future. However there is a twist “beauty” is actually the princess; Princess Isra doesn’t realize that she is beautiful she thinks that she is blind because of an accident. Gem is the “beast” he is the one that is being held prisoner by “beauty”.
     While Of Beast and Beauty sticks to the main points of the story Stacey Jay puts her own unique twist on the story and makes it her own. Of Beast and Beauty is an unique and wonderful read. I would suggest this to any fan of Beauty and the Beast. However there is some language in the book but it is still worth a read.

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