Monday, May 5, 2014

Review of The Missing Ink

Tattoo Shop Series by Karen E. Olson.Title: The Missing Ink

Author: Karen E. Olson

Series: A Tattoo Shop Mystery book 1
Chapters: 62

Pages: 299

Genre: cozy mystery

Rating: 4 stars

The Missing Ink is a cozy mystery set in a Las Vegas. The main character is Brett Kavanaugh she owns a tattoo parlor. Which people find odd because she is female. When she ends up involved in a mystery and a police case her brother Tim who’s a cop doesn’t want her to get involved.

Even though I have read cozy mysteries before this book ended up being different than what I’ve read in the past. With The Missing Ink you learn not to judge a book by the cover nor a person by their ink or lack of ink. 

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