Monday, November 30, 2015

Review of Finding his way home

Finding His Way Home: Title: Finding his way Home

Author: Mia Ross

Series:  Barrett's Mill book 3
Chapters: 12 plus epilogue

Pages: 224

Genre: Christian Romance

Rating: 4 stars
     Scott Barrett is the prodigal Barrett Son. Who's made it back home. After a stint in prison. He doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere, he's trying to find his place in his family again.  Jenna Reed is an artist who's never really put down roots anywhere. She's basically running from her past. A past that she has yet to make peace with.  She doesn't stay in one place to long. 

     Two people who don't feel like they belong anywhere might just need each other.  Finding his way Home is a sweet Christian romance. Just like the rest of the books in this series I really enjoyed this book. 

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