Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review of Katie in Waiting

Katie in Waiting (Carrington Springs #1): Title: Katie in Waiting

Author: Erynn Mangum

Series: Carrington Springs book 1
Chapters: 20

Pages: 277

Genre: Christian Chick lit

Rating: 5 stars

     Katie in Waiting is the first book in the Carrington Springs series novels by Eyrnn Mangum. Its Christian chick lit as well as new adult. It's  a refreshing change from most of the new adult out there. I love all of Erynn's novels, and Katie in Waiting is now different.  I always find myself relating a little bit to each of her heroines. But with Katie I found myself relating to Katie a lot. Katie is Erynn's oldest heroine to date. (Now I believe that goes to Eliza in Once Upon and Eliza ).  I could relate to to Katie's comments about her hair not being blond, red, or brown but a crazy combo  of each. The way that it's not wavy or cruly or straight but a combo   of each.  I can also relate to how close she is to her grandmother. 
     It's nice to see Erynn's characters getting older as I myself get older. Katie moved back her mother's hometown of Carrington Springs to be close to her grandmother because her job allows her to work from home.
     Katie in Waiting is the perfect blend of light hearted fun and chick litness as well as serious and Faith filled. I can't wait to next two books in the series. I love how even though it is a series each book is from a different point of view of each girl.

     Erynn is one of my favorite authors as well as an auto buy author. 

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