Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review of Road Side Assistance

Title: Roadside Assistance
Author: Melody Carlson
Series:   no
Chapters: 21
Pages: 278
Genre: Christian teen fiction
Rating:  5 stars
     Emily Curtis feels like she’s lost everything including her faith. She has recently lost her mother to cancer. She and her father have to sell everything including the car she was rebuilding to move in with her aunt and uncle. Emily feels that she doesn’t fit in with her cousin Whitney, that they are just too different.
     It’s when she meets Alexander (Zander) Stewart the boy next door and fellow motor head that things start looking up. Zander’s faith is strong; Emily’s has gone past hanging by a thread. Even though she’s falling for him she doesn’t want to lose his friendship. Then Emily goes and does something that cause’s her to lose Zander’s friendship, and she’s tested even more with her faith is  shaken even more.
     Will Emily reconnect with God? Will she rekindle the close relationship she once had? Will hers and Zander’s friendship mend and will they become more than friends?
     My favorite scene in the book is when Zander shows up for their “date” in Emily’s dream car. I thought it was cute that he went out of his way to find her dream card. When I was a teenage I would have that. Zander is a strong Christian who truly loves Emily for who she is, and doesn’t want to change her.
     Even though this is a book for teenage girls any teenager guy or girl will enjoy reading Emily and Zander’s story. Adults would even enjoy this book. With her love of cars Emily is not your typical teenage girl.
     All Christians can relate to having a time when their own faith was hanging by a thread. I could relate to what Emily was going through in the since that when I lost my grandpa as a sophomore in high school I felt like I had lost my faith, but thinks to  a good friend like Zander and others praying for me I ran back to my Heavenly Father’s arms.
     Roadside Assistance is a book for everybody. Amy Clipston’s Amish novels are great, but she also speaks to teens with this book. I hope she writes more teen fiction books in the future. 

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