Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review of The Christmas child

Title: The Christmas Child
Author: Linda Goodnight
Series:   Redemption River/ Love inspired
Chapters: 16
Pages: 217
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating: 4 ½  stars
     A little boy is found in a dumpster in Redemption. The little boy Davey doesn’t speak, and no one knows where he came from if he has a family or not. Kade McKendrick is a jaded Chicago cop who has feels like he’s lost his faith. Sophie Bartholomew is a 5th grade teacher at Redemption who also takes an interest in Davey.
     Kade came to Redemption to help him forget what happened in Chicago.  He doesn’t feel like celebrating Christmas this year. Sophie has given up on love after her mother walked out on her family. Kade ends up taking Davey into the home he is sharing with his great aunt. He’s dog takes an interest in Davey and soon the two become two peas in pod. Can these two adults find what’s missing in their lives with the help of a sweet little boy named Davey?
     The Christmas Child is a cute book, but it is also sad at times. It is a good book to read around Christmas or any other time of the year. It is a book in the Redemption River series by Linda Goodnight. 

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