Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review of A Texan's Promise

Title: A Texan’s Promise
Author: Shelley Gray
Series:   The Heart of a Hero
Chapters: 24 plus Epilogue
Pages: 350
Genre: Christian Historical/ western
Rating: 5 stars
     A Texan’s Promise, is a western novel by an author that normally see write Amish fiction. I really enjoyed the book. At first I wasn’t too fond of the heroine she seemed too much like a China doll.  But after everything that Vanessa went though at the hands of her step-father my respect for her grew. Though the novel she grew stronger mentally, emotionally and in her faith. Vanessa Grant ran to the only person she could trust; Clayton Profitt. She’s loved Clayton for years, but she’s afraid to let him know.
     Clayton will risk everything to protect Vanessa for two reasons. One he promised her father he would protect her, and because he loves her. Once on the trail they enter into a marriage to protect Vanessa. Will Clayton and Vanessa admit their feeling for each other? Will their marriage ever be a true marriage? Will Vanessa finally find peace away from her step-father?
     Clayton is a hero that every girl dreams about, if they dreamed of cowboys. I know I did. Clayton is one of the good guys and a Christian. I normally don’t like the hero on the cover, but the face and the Silhouette of the hero on horseback works.
     A Texan’s Promise is the first book in The Heart of the Hero series; I am already looking forward to the second book in the series that is coming out next year. 

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