Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maya Davis Series a review

Make sure you read the books in order

Cool Beans
Erynn Mangum
Maya Davis series
Book 1

Maya is a 24 year old Barista in Hudson California. She lives with her roommate and best friend Jen, and adorable if slightly neurotic dog Calvin. Calvin the dog likes chick flicks and Pilates. She works at a coffee shop called Cool bean; along with her other best friend Jack.

Maya has a lot to deal with; her brother moves back to town. Jen is dating her ex-boyfriend. Instead of turning her problems over to God she holds them in. This causes her to distant herself from doing her devotions. This causes even more problems for Maya in her relationships with her friends. She finally learns to let go and let God.  When Jack drops a bomb shell of his own; will everything work out for Maya or will everything explode in her face.

Spoiler alert if you haven't read book one don't read on

Latte Daze
Erynn Mangum
Maya Davis series
Book 2

Latte Daze is book 2 in the Maya Davis Series. You have to read the books in order; in order for the books to make sense. Travis and Jen get engaged. Jen asked Maya to be her maid of honor; they are enjoying planning the wedding until Jen’s mother shows up. Maya and Jack are now dating, and Maya is still getting use to calling Jack her boyfriend. Jack has his first dinner with Maya’s parents as her boyfriend.
Before the book ends more changes are coming Maya’s way. Then Jack drops a bomb shell of his own. What’s Maya to do with all these changes simple trust God, even when it’s hard; it’s best to trust God.
Will Jen’s and Travis wedding go off without trouble? What will happen to Maya and Jack? Stay tuned for the next book.

Spolier alert don't read on unless you have read the first tow books
Double Shot
Erynn Mangum
Maya Davis series
Book 3

Maya Dreams seem to be coming true. She’s finally engaged to her best friend and the love of her life Jack. Who would have thought that it would have taken six years for them to realize that they belonged together; all in God’s timing. Maya is busy trying to plan a wedding in under three months can it be done.

Maya also has more challenges and changes to face. Her brother’s and sister-in-laws baby is born early. Will the baby survive? Jack’s offered his dream job will he take it? Will Maya’s and Jack’s wedding come together? All these questions and more will be answered in the final book in the Maya Davis series Double Shot.

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