Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reveiw of To Win Her Heaert

Title: To Win her heart
Author: Karen Witemeyer
Series: none
Chapters: forty three and an Epilogue
Pages: 347
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction and romance
Rating:  5 stars

     Eden Spencer has pretty much giving up on ever marrying. She instead has put her time an effort into running the town library. However that changes when Blacksmith Levi Grant comes to town. Levi has pretty much given up on ever having a family
     Some how Eden and Levi forge a friendship over their love of books, and the discussions that she and Levi have over them. Eden almost loses her standing in the community because Levi conveniences her to take in a Chloe a young girl with a past. Eden and Levi face the biggest challenge when Levi’s past comes back. Will the town still accept Levi? Will he and Eden have a chance at forever?
     I really enjoyed this third book by Karen Witemeyer, I liked it better than Tailor Made Bride, but it’s a toss up between Head in the Clouds and To Win Her Heart as to which I liked better.

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