Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review of Marrying Miss Marshal

Title: Marrying Miss Marshal
Author: Lacy Williams
Series:   Love inspired Historical
Chapters:  23 plus epilogue
Pages: 279
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction/ western
Rating:  5 stars
     What can I say I love western’s that have a strong female character, who also know when it’s time to trust and lean on other, and it being a Christian western doesn’t hurt.  That is hard to find in most western novels.  The female is either so tough that you don’t believe the character or she’s a damsel in distress waiting for the hero to ride in and save the day.  You normally don’t find one with a strong female character who knows when to lean on others, let alone a Christian western novel. However with Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams you get all three. You get a strong female in the west, who learns to lean on others and it’s a Christian novel.
     Danna Carpenter is not your typical western female, she is the town marshal.  She took over the job after her husband died.  Even for the “wild west” she is not normally what you would expect to find as a marshal. She’s tough and good at her job, but she wants the one thing that every woman wants a family.  Chas O’Grady is a tenderfoot from back east who’s trying to track down cattle thieves. He ends up with the job as her deputy, which leads to the two of them having to get married.  Danna’s trying to prove herself to the town. Will Chas and Danna catch the cattle thieves? Save her job? And discovered that they belong together?
I know that most people most likely don’t like strong women in western novels, but to me that’s what makes them believable, because in the old west the damsels in distress didn’t last.  If you like Mary Connealy’s books then you will like Lacy Williams debut novel. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to her next book.  

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