Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review of Through my Eyes

Title: Through my Eyes
Author: Tim Tebow
Chapters: 21
Rating: 5 STARS 10/10
Through my Eyes is Tim Tebow’s story from his point of view. You get his story from his own lips; not any spin the media wants to put in.
Even though I am not really a huge football fan, I really enjoyed this book. I mean I am a fan of a school that’s football team has the record of the longest years of loses to another school. Kentucky hasn’t won in a game against Florida or Tennessee in almost two decades. It’s a great feeling to see that the NFL has a role model that young kids can look up to. Being a Kentucky fan I had heard the name Tim Tebow before, but it wasn’t till I read Playing with Purpose that I learned more about him and two other Christian football players headed to the NFL, and all I can say is the NFL needs more guys like these; and that I will also be praying that they can stand strong in their faith through everything life throws their way.
Even if don't like football I recomend that you read this book.

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