Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review of The Measure of Katie Calloway

Title: The Measure of Katie Calloway
Author: Serena Miller
Series:   no sort of the second book is coming out sometime this year.
Chapters: 31
Pages: 316
Genre: Christian Historical fiction
Rating: 5 stars
     Katie Calloway has had enough from her abusive husband. So one day when he’s gone she grabs her little brother Ned and flees, she heads north knowing that that Harlan will follow. She cuts herself off from her family in order to stay safe. She ends up in Michigan.
     Robert Foster was a doctor and a soldier in the Union army during the Civil War; and wants to forget the past the loss of his wife and the fact that his two children are under his sister’s care. He is the owner of a logging camp. He ends up hiring Katie on to be the camp cook. Katie gives a false in order to protect and her brother.
     Katie and Robert both settle into a routine until Roberts’s sister bring his two children to the camp. Harlan; Katie’s husband shows up wanting her back. Will Katie ever be free of Harlan? Will Robert and Katie ever be able to admit their feelings?
     I enjoyed the book it’s the first I’ve read by Serena Miller. The Measure of Katie Calloway is about a part of history that I wasn’t really familiar with. I enjoyed learning about logging camps. I am looking forward to her next book. The next book has different main characters but you get to find out what happened to Katie and Robert. 

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