Sunday, January 29, 2012

reading this week

reading this week

Sketchy Behavior by Erynn Mangum
The Reluctant Outlaw by Karen Kirst
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks 
Addicted to Incarceration: Corrections Policy and the Politics of Misinformation in the United States by Travis C. Pratt

Currently reading

Soul Surfer Devotions by Bethany Hamilton
A woman’s Passionate Pursuit of God: Creating a Positive and Purposeful life by Karol Ladd
 Kisses from Katie by Katie J Davis, Beth Clark
A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander
The Real Enemy by Kathy Herman
Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
A Killer behind you by Lynette Eason
The Doctor’s secret Son by Deb Kastner

Getting ready to read

An Eye for an Eye by Irene Hannon
Deadly Pursuit by Irene Hannon

For school 
Reading in Deviant Behavior by Alex Thio, Thomas C Calhoun
Constitutional Law for a changing America: Rights, Liberties, and Justice by Lee Epstein, Thomas G. Walker
Vold’s Theoretical Criminology by Thomas J. Bernard, Jeffery B. Snipes, Alexander L. Gerould

Corrections Today by Larry J siegel Clements Bartollas 

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