Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review of Finally and Forever

Title:  Finally and Forever

 Author:  Robin Jones Gunn

Series: Katie Weldon

Chapters: 21

Pages: 259

Genre:  Christian Teen Fiction

Rating:  5 Stars

          Growing up I loved the Christy Miller series. However Christy wasn’t my character, her best friend Katie Weldon was my favorite. I felt like I related to Katie more than I did to Christy.  Katie likes to do things without thinking things through.
          In Finally and Forever the fourth book in the Katie Weldon and possibly the last book. Though I would love to see more of Katie’s story to find out what happens with her an Eli.  Katie has graduated from college she prayed for a sign of what to do with the whole Eli and Africa thing. She has gotten plenty of signs that point towards going to Africa.
          Katie takes the plunge and follows Eli to Africa. Finally and Forever is pretty much about Katie’s life adjusting to life in Africa and the Adventures in Africa. One of my favorite quotes from the whole series is in this book and it is a quote that Eli says to Katie.

 “I told them that when you were born, God was so delighted that He sent a hundred angels to kiss you while you were in your mother's arms. Every place where the angels kissed you, they left a tiny dot. That way, if you ever forget how greatly you are loved by God, all you have to do is look at your skin, and you will remember.” Robin Jones Gunn

          Even though I don’t want the Katie Weldon series to end, Finally and Forever does give a conclusion to the series.


  1. You do not know how much I am smiling right now. This series is never on anybody's blogs, but I loved it! I liked Christy's relationships and all, but I agree with you, I related more towards Katie. It made me even more excited when it was about Africa because I've been dreaming of going there for years. Love the quote and love the review!

    1. My friend got me hooked on the Christy Miller series, but I had a hard time relating to Christy, because Christy came from a Christian family. I didn't but when I meet Katie I could relate because Katie didn't grow up in a Christian home. So Katie was the character I could relate to.