Monday, May 27, 2013

Review of Things I Can't Forget

Title: Things I Can’t Forget

Author: Miranda Kenneally

Series: Hundred Oaks # 3

Pages: 320

Genre: Teen Chick lit, real life issues

Rating: 3 stars

     I hadn’t planned on writing a review for  Things I Can’t Forget after reading it. However after thinking it over for a few days I decided to give it a try.  Even though there were things in the book that I do not approve of. It was still a good book.   Kate feels like she made a few mistakes and just wants to be forgiven and for life to go back to normal.
     She ends up being at the same camp as a employee that she attended as a child and runs into her first crush Matt again. Needless to say sparks fly.  While Things I Can’t Forget was a good book it was not as good as the first two books in the Hundred Oaks series at least in my view. Catching Jordan was still my favorite. I would say that this book would have to be for older teens sixteen and up and young adults. 

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