Monday, June 24, 2013

Review of Sandwich with a side of Romance

Title: Sandwich with a Side of Romance

Author: Krista Phillips
Chapters: 40 Plus epilogue

Pages: 319

Genre: Christian Chick lit

Rating: 5 stars

     Maddie Buckner has a past one that she is not happy about but she is now a new person in Christ. The one thing that she wants most is to get custody of her little brother Kyle. To her Reuben Callahan is standing in the way. That is because he got her fired from her job. He tries to make up for it by offering her a job in his restaurant.

     Sandwich, with a side of Romance is a sweet romantic read. That was different than any other Christian romance I have read. Unlike most where the hero has a past, this one the heroine has a past, even though it was different it was a good different. It was nice to see that even though the heroine had a past she was forgiven in Christ and had a chance at a happy ending. 

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