Monday, February 23, 2015

Review of The Rules for Breaking

Cover Candy, Edition Thirteen + Upcoming 2014 Fiction | Dreaming Under the Same MoonTitle: The Rules for Breaking

Author: Ashley 

Series: The Sequel of The Rules for disappearing
Chapters: 30 plus epilogue

Pages: 309

Genre: teen chick lit

Rating: 4 stars

Anna Boyd and Ethan Landry are back in this squeal to  The Rules for Breaking. The danger is still there, and Anna knows that she has to learn to shoot even though she is terrified of guns. Even that plan backfires. Anna, Ethan along with Anna’s little Teeny is kidnapped. Anna has to get past her fears in order to get them out alive.

The Rules for Breaking is a cute sequel to The Rules for Disappearing. It is for older teens and there is some langue issues. But other than that it’s a cute quick read. 

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  1. I've heard these are really fun. Thanks for reviewing it, Carissa! :)