Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book review of The Colonel's lady

Title: The Colonel’s Lady
Author: Laura Frantz
Series:   no
Chapters: 39 plus Epilogue
Pages: 408
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Rating:  5 stars 10/10
     The Colonel’s Lady is the third book by Laura Frantz. The book was everything that I thought it would be and more. The Colonel’s Lady is a little different than her other two books. The Heroine is a little older than Lael and Morrow, and the hero is a little rougher around the edges than her other hero’s.
     Roxanna Rowan arrives at a Kentucky fort to join her solider father only to find that her father has died. She has nowhere to go, no money and sees herself as a spinster. Colonel Cassius McLinn commander of the fort offers her, her father’s job as a scrivener until others arrangements can be made.  Both Roxanna and Cassius end up developing feelings for each other, but they are both to afraid to voice their love. The colonel also has a secret that could destroy everything. Will Cass and Roxie have a chance at love?
     The character of Colonel Cassius McLinn according to the author is loosely based on Colonel George Roger’s Clark, because she wanted to give Clark a different ended. I know this sounds bad but Clark was never one of my favorites from history and I don’t really know why; he help found my hometown, and I’ve been to his final home in Kentucky twice. Once as a kindergarten student on a field trip and the second time for my college history class. To me he was never as interesting as Daniel Boone.
     With each of Laura’s previous books there where bits and pieces that I loved more than others. With The Frontiersman’s Daughter I loved the fact that Lael was a bit of a free spirit. I could see Kentucky history with Fort Click and Ezekiel Click. With Courting Morrow Little I loved the love story.
     With The Colonel’s Lady I loved the whole book. I know this sounds bad but I think Roxie has become my new favorite character. Mainly I think it is because I can relate to her more; even though I am not as old as Roxie I am older than both Lael and Morrow where. Being the daughter of a former Marine I could relate to Roxie’s fear for her father before she knew he had died.  It was nice to see an Irish hero in a book.    The Colonel’s Lady is my new favorite book by Laura Frantz, and I can’t wait to next year to see what else she has come up with.

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