Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Reading Challenge Fall Into Reading 2011

 Fall Into Reading 2011
Books to read this fall
·         Nightshade Ronie Kendig
·         An Eye for an eye Irene Hannon
·         Stand –In Groom Kaye Dacus
·         The Amish Nanny Mindy Starns Clark Leslie Gould
·         Heidi Johanna Spyri
·         Sketchy Behavior Erynn Mangum
·         Love Starts with Elle Rachel Hauck
·         The Cubicle Next Door Siri Mitchell
·         Paid in Blood Mel Odom
·         Double Take Melody Carlson
·         Love finds you in Humble Texas
·         Too Close to Home Lynette Eason
·         Heist Society (Heist Society)  Ally Carter
·         The Brotherhood Jerry B. Jenkins
·         Double Minds by Terri Blackstock

Non-fiction to read
·         Growing up Colt by Colt McCoy
·         King of the Cowboys by Ty Murray
·         A Woman’s Passionate Pursuit of God: Creating a Positive and Purposeful life by Karol Ladd
Books to finish reading this fall
·         Roadside Assistance Amy Clipston
·         Soul Surfer Devotions Bethany Hamilton
·         All that’s Bitter and Sweet Ashley Judd
·         The Wilder life by Wendy McClure

Loading...  Books to read for school during the fall semester

·         CJ 2011 James A Fagin

·         Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication Ronald Adler

·         Psychology a Journey Dennis Coon

·         The Working Poor: Invisible in American David K shipler

Other goals
·         Read through my TBR pile of Love inspired books make it through at least 5
·         Read through the pile of country weekly magazines that I have
·         Read at least three mysteries
·         Listen to at least three audio books in the car on the way to school and home from school.


  1. Interesting list. Double Take sounds sort of interesting.
    Have fun reading

  2. Great list. You have a lot of authors I like but books I've not yet read. Good luck with your reading.

  3. Looks good, Carissa! I love the flexibility of audiobooks. Though I don't have a commute, they come in handy during cleaning and errands. Thanks for being part of the challenge. Enjoy your fall reading!

  4. I read The Brotherhood and really enjoyed it! I really want to read The Wilder Life! I am a huge fan of LHotP!

    Happy Fall and Happy Reading! :)

  5. "Double Take" does sounds fun. I don't usually read Melody's books, but maybe I'd make an exception here, since it sounds intriguing. I've heard GREAT things about several of these other books - especially the mysteries. =)

    I read "Stand-In Groom" a while back and thought it was o.k., but not my most favorite rom-com. Hope you meet your goals and enjoy every story. =)