Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review of Too Close to Home

Title: Too Close to Home
Author: Lynette Eason
Series:   Women of Justice book 1
Chapters: 33 Plus Epilogue
Pages: 332
Genre: Christian Suspense
Rating:  5 stars
     Connor Wolfe is a homicide decetive assigned a case of missing teenage girls, one of whom’ body turns up. There’s really nothing to link the girls other than the fact that they all have access to a computer. That’s where FBI special agent Samantha Cash comes in. She’s a computer expert or as Connor calls her the first time he meets her a computer geek.
     Together they work together to find the missing girls and solve the case while fighting their feelings for each other. Samantha’s faith is strong and Connor’s is all but gone. Too Samantha it seems like he blames God for taking his wife. Then something happens with the case, it hits home, and what could have destroyed Connor faith brings him back to where he needs to be.
     I enjoyed the book, but then again I am a huge fan of suspense. I loved that Lynette kept you guessing about who the bad guy was the whole time. The epilogue was a teaser for the next book. Which is the story of Jamie Samantha’s sister.
     Even though it was a bit of a love story, it was secondary the novel mostly focused on the crime and the working to solve it. So I would call the book Christian suspense and mystery with just a hint of romance. 

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