Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review of Don't Look Back

Title: Don’t Look Back
Author: Lynette Eason
Series:   Women of Justice Book 2
Chapters: 37 plus epilogue
Genre: Christian Suspense with a hint of romance
Rating: 5 stars
     Don’t Look Back is the second book in the woman of Justice series. Jamie Cash is a forensic anthropologist who survived a kidnapping and attempted murder has finally got her life back, and living for God. Dakota Richards is an FBI agent that is running from God even though he wouldn’t admit it. You first meet Jamie and Dakota in Too Close to home. Jamie is Samantha’s younger sister. You don’t have to read the books in order but to understand what’s going on and not have anything given a way it’s best to read them in order. 
     Jamie is working as a forensic anthropologist for a South Carolina police department when the team discovers bones of a murder victim. Which lead Jamie and the team to realize that her attacker is back, and Dakota will do whatever it takes to protect Jamie. It will become a race to find the killer before Jamie becomes his next victim. Will Jamie be able to let go of the past and have a future with Dakota? What kind of surprises in store for the sisters?

     I really enjoyed the book I am looking forward to the third book in the women of justice series and Lynette’s next book. I liked how the bad guys name wasn’t given to the end of the book. He had a nickname “Hero” because he seriously thought he was the hero to the girls he attacked. Unlike the first book I figured out who was the bad guy before the book stated it. But still enjoyed the book. 

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