Monday, May 28, 2012

Review of Heidi

Title: Heidi
Author: Johanna Spyri
Series:   no
Chapters: Part one: Ch 14 Part Two: Ch 9
Pages: 322
Genre: Kids Classics
Rating: 5 stars
     Heidi was one of my favorite books as a child; so much that my childhood copy is now held together with book tape. Heidi was the book that I always wanted my grandpa to read to me. As a child I could relate to Heidi in the sense that she was so close to her grandfather.
     Heidi is an orphan girl that was sent to live with her grandfather. She makes herself at home and settles into life on the mountain with her grandfather, Peter and the goats. Till her aunt comes to take her to be a companion to a young girl in Frankfurt. Once there Heidi longs to return to her beloved mountain and the grandfather that she loves.
*Spoiler alert*
If you haven’t read Heidi proceed with caution.
     My father part of the book is when Heidi leads her grandfather back to God and his faith. Oh the child-like faith of a child.

     My favorite movie version of Heidi is  the one with Shirley Temple in it. 

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