Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review of There You'll find me

Title: There You’ll find me
Author: Jenny B Jones
Series:   no
Chapters: 34 plus epilogue
Pages: 310
Genre: Christian teen chick lit
Rating: 5 stars
     Finley Sinclair goes to Ireland after her brother’s death it seems that with his death she’s lost her faith. She goes looking for a cross that her brother took a picture of and put in the back of his journal.
     She’s staying with the O’Callaghan’s as a foreign exchange student. Finely went to Ireland to escape her problems, but ends up finding a new set of problems. While on the plane to Ireland she meets Beckett Rush Hollywood bad boy but is there more to Beckett than meets the eye. Finley gets assigned a nursing home patient to visits as part of her school assignment.
     Will all these things change Finley’s outlook on life? Will she realize that she hasn’t really lost her faith? That God has not left her?
     There Your Find Me, is the first book that I have read my Jenny B Jones and let’s just say I loved the book. To me the book had everything humor, sorrow, love, and most important faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Many of the characters in the story are Christians. There needs to be more author who write Christian teen fiction. 


  1. Loved this novel. Cannot wait for Jenny's next one. =)

  2. Hi Carissa! I awarded your blog The {Booker} Award! Here is the link to my post for all the info: Christian Bookshelf Reviews