Monday, October 1, 2012

Review of A Texan's Choice

Title: A Texan’s Choice
Author: Shelley Gray
Genre: Christian Historical fiction, Christian Western
Rating: 4 ½ stars
Publisher: Abingdon Press

     A Texan’s Choice is Scout Proffitt’s story.  Out of all the Heart of a Hero series I think Scout is the one who is the most changed. He started to change in A Texan’s Promise. But after meeting Rosemarie in A Texan’s Choice he almost becomes a hero.  Scout is Clayton’s baby brother ( A Texan’s Promise).
     I enjoyed A Texan’s Choice more than I thought I would. To me it was a nice end to the Proffitt brother’s story.  As the third book in the Heart of a Hero series I felt it was a nice end to the series, but I would still love to see books in the series.  There were a few things in A Texan’s Choice that I wasn’t used to seeing or reading in Christian fiction but they were minor at least to me. Though others might not see it that way.

I received a copy of  A Texan’s Choice from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts in this review are my own.

A Texan’s Choice will release from Abingdon Press on October 1

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