Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review of Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston, Destination Unknown

Author: Amy Cliptson

Series: sort of a sequel to Roadside Assistance
Chapters: 22

Pages: 267

Genre: Christian Teen

Rating: 5 stars

Destination Unknown is the companion novel to Roadside Assistance; Whitney Richards is the cousin to Emily Curtis. When I read Roadside Assistance I really didn’t like Whitney but after getting to know her in Destination Unknown I found myself relating to Whitney and I ended up liking her as much as I did Emily.
Whitney starts off as the typical cheerleader at least what people think when they think of cheerleaders. But when she stars failing her math class and has to get a tutor; things start to change. Do in part to Taylor Martinez her math tutor, her friends and mother doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. He’s from the wrong part of town, the same part of town her cousin Emily is from.
I thought Zander from Roadside Assistance was my favorite male character but Taylor is growing on me. Just like with the first book a classic car plays a part.

Destination Unknown is more that a teen novel about teenage drama and love. It is a novel about learning to trust God’s plans and His timing. Even when it’s not our timing. That it’s alright to want to be your own person but not to hurt others in the process. I really enjoyed this book. I kind of wish there would be a third and four book that show Emily and Whitney at college. 

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