Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review of The Secret Diamond Sisters

Cover Reveal: The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow | Dreaming Under the Same MoonTitle: The Secret Diamond Sisters

Author: Michelle Madow

Series: The Secret Diamond Sisters
Chapters: 28

Pages: 383

Genre: Teen Chick lit

Rating: 4 stars

     I first discovered Michelle’s writing with the Remembrance trilogy. While The Secret Diamond Sisters is different than her first novels the series is still good. While there were scenes and thing that Peyton, Courtney, and Savannah did that I wouldn’t do or approve of. I would however recommend this book to older teens. There wasn’t much language. The Book ended with a slight cliff hanger, but that’s because there are two more books in the series.
I do feel like all three Diamond sisters are falling for guys that they shouldn’t. Savannah’s falling for a guy that’s bad news all the way around. With Peyton and Courtney if things were different who they are falling for wouldn’t be a problem.

That while this wasn’t my favorite book of Michelle’s I do love her writing style. The way she makes the characters leap off the page.

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  1. This probably wasn't my favorite of Michelle's either, but I did like it and am on pins and needles for book two. And well said, about the guys in the girls lives - they aren't right for them or "safe." Here's hoping there is some maturity to come. :)