Monday, December 22, 2014

Mini Teen reviews

Rites of Passage  by Joy N. HensleyTitle: Rites of Passage

Author: Joy N Hensley
Chapters: 43

Pages: 401

Genre: teen chick lit

Rating: 4 stars
Dean Drill
Sam McKenna

Sam McKenna signs up to be the first of four or five girls to make it at a military school. A school that doesn’t want to change the status quo. But she’s determined to make the McKenna proud. She comes from a military family.
Rites of Passage had me hooked as soon as I found out that it was about a military school, and a military brat. I think I was the only kid I knew who wanted to go to military school at one point. I guess it was the military brat in me. I really enjoyed this book, I wish there was a sequel.

Take Me On – Katie McGarry

Title: Take me On

Author: Katie McGarry

Pages: 544

Genre: new adult chick lit

Rating: 4 stars

Take Me on is the fourth book by Katie McGarry though technically not a sequel to anybook in the series, it has characters from the three previous books in it. It is a sort of sequel to Crash into Me, in the since that it has the main character from Crash into Me brother in this book.  Wes is the bad boy brother of Rachel’s. Haley is a girl who use to be a fighter. She trained at her grandfather’s gym and was going places until something happened with her ex-boyfriend .  That leads her to give up fighting until Wes needs her.
Take me on is my second favorite of Katie’s books, behind Crash into me. Wes actually surprised me in this book.  There is more to Wes than meets the eye.  It was also nice to get even more background information about Rachel’s and Wes’s family.

While this book is technically a teen book I was stress that it is for older teens and twenties somethings. This is due in part to language and some situations that the character's  find themselves in.

 Title: Wildflower

Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker Alecia Whitaker

Series: wildflower #1
Pages: 320

Genre: teen chick lit

Rating: 4 stars

A cute little read about teen musicians, and singer. With a mix of bluegrass and country. I enjoyed this book more than I did her first book.  

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