Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Reading challenges and Book buying ban

2015 Reading challenges
The only reading challenges I plan on doing this year are the goodreads challenges, because multiple reading challenges on different blogs are hard to keep up with. So for my sanity and to keep reading fun I am only going to being doing the main good reads challenge and then some of the challenges that one of my good reads groups do.

The goodreads challenges I am going to be doing are
     Janurary’s reading challenege only your bookshelf
1-2 making some room
Finish the series reading challenge 2015 Curious finish 2 series
     E- Reader Challenge 2015 Memory Stick 50 ebooks
     12 for 12 reading challenge
 A book you chose because of the cover

2. Your best friend's favorite book

3. A book you should have read in High School

4. A book everyone has read but you

5. A book with more than 400 pages

6. A book published this year

7. A book set on a different continent

8. An award winning book

9. A book your parent read

10. A book with a mystery

11. A book that is the first in the series

12. A book set in the past
What’s in a name reading challenge
book with a" food item" ( anything you can eat!) in the title.- e.g.- Pride, Prejudice and Cheese Grits

2. A book with a "Girl's name" in the title- e.g.- The Legend of Sheba:Rise of a Queen

3. A book with a "Flower" in the title- e.g. -Roses Have Thorns

4. A book with a 'month" in the title e.g.- Lost December

5. A book with a 1 word title- e.g.- Outlaw

6. A book with a "color" in the title-e.g.- The Scarlet Letter

With this challenge you cannot use one book to satisfy 2 categories- each one needs it's own book title :)
TBR Pile 2015
Leaning Tower of Pisa Read 75+ books
Library 24 library books I am trying to get my TBR pile so that’s why I setting my library book challenge so low.
Your name challenge

Another personal reading challenge is to read at least six “classics” this year.
Peter Pan in Kenisgton Gardens
The Old Man and the sea
Treasure Island
Oliver Twist

I also want to read at least 12 nonfiction books this year as well, one a month. 

For 2015 I am putting myself on a book buying ban. I also putting myself on a sort of library ban as well.  With the book buying ban before I can buy a new book I have to read at least ten books that I own before I can buy a book. This is in order to get my TBR pile down.  When it comes to e books I have to read at least five e books before I can buy a new e book.

However the book ban doesn't apply to anything I buy in late May or early June because if I buy anything then it will be with my birthday money and not my money.

With the library book ban, it’s not so much a ban as it is me having to read at least two of my own books before I can check a book out from the library. I need to get my TBR pile down. It’s safe to say that I have a slight problem of buying more books than I read. I need to something about it.  

I am also hoping that the book buying ban will also help me save money. 

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  1. Sounds like you have a great plan! Fun challenges, and smart idea with the "book-buying ban." That's something I struggle with, too, for sure. And the Kindle ebooks make it so easy to just keep building up my digital library! *sigh* I'm hoping that this year I can also focus a little more on catching up on the books I already own.

    Thanks for sharing your reading game plan!