Monday, January 5, 2015

Review of Tears of the Sea

Seasons of HumilityTitle: Tears of The Sea

Author: Marylu Tyndall

Chapters: 30 Plus Epilogue

Pages: 260

Genre: Christian, fairy tale, parable.

Rating: 5 stars

Tears of the Sea is not your Little Mermaid story. It is so much better.  This book is more than just a fairy tale retelling.   It is an allegory to show the love that Christ has for us. That true love is indeed real, and that Christ showed the greatest act of true love when He died on the cross for us. I loved that while Tears of the Sea was a fictional story it pointed to greatest true story ever told.
Perdita was cursed to eternality as a mermaid by an evil wizard because she failed to prove that true love was true, and she also refused to marry him.  Only given one month every ten years to find a man to fall in love with her and die for her.  She recues Savion from a drowning and starts to have feelings for him.  Savion is on a mission from his father to save someone, he just doesn’t know who.  Savion being a prince and an honorable man he tries to avoid Perdita when she throws herself at him.
I love fairy tale retellings but Tears of the Sea was so much better, because it was so much more. The only parallel to The Little Mermaid was saving the prince from drowning, Marylu’s novel was so much better.

With each book of Marylu’s that I read they just keep getting better and better.  I can’t wait for Marylu’s next book. My goal for this year is to finish reading all of the Marylu Tyndall books that I haven’t read.   Which just leaves finishing three series, Surrender to Destiny, and the Escape to Paradise series,   The Falcon and the Sparrow, and the last two books in the Legacy of the Kings, the last one isn’t out yet.  

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