Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review of Saint Anything

Sarah Dessen's 12th novel, Saint Anything, hits shelves in May, and EW has an exclusive first look at the cover: Saint Anything

Author:  Sarah Dessen
Chapters: 26

Pages: 417

Genre: Teen Chick lit

Rating: 4 stars

     Saint Anything is Sarah Dessen's newest book, and too me it's one of her best.  While all of her books deal with tough teen issues, the majority of them are set in beach towns or during the summer. Saint Anything had Sydney dealing with a tough family situation, while adjusting to a new school. Learning who she really is, as well as making new friends.

     I have been a fan of Sarah Dessen since I read my first book of hers This Lullaby as a high school junior. Now eleven years later I still enjoy reading her books. Books that I consider my go to summer reads.   

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