Monday, June 13, 2011


According to my co-workers I have an addiction; however said addiction is actually not that bad. Before you freak out, my addiction at least according to my co-workers is reading. I work part time at a library; and my co-workers have given me the “award” for the most books checked at out at one time. I cannot leave work without checking out books.
  When I do not have to read for school, I’ve got at least four books going at once. A nonfiction book, some type of Christian fiction book, a devotional, and whatever my book club is reading at the time, sometimes it’s hard to keep straight which book something happened in.
 I’ve been reading sense I was four. By 1st grade I had moved passed the Spot and Dick and Jane books to The Boxcar Children.
My mom and my grandparents encouraged my reading. By fourth grade when my classmates were just starting to read the first boxcar children. I had finished the first 20, and had moved on to Nancy Drew

By this time my mom had signed me up through scholastics for book clubs; in which you would get so many books in a series for so many months. I loved that. The first book club was The Boxcar Children, and then it was the Little House Books. The last book club that she signed me up for was the Dear America one. For those of you who don’t know about the Dear America books, they are books that are written in diary form from the point of view of young girls, and how they deal with the events that happen around them. I only I had a few in the series that I loved. A line in the Sand, Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie, The Winter of Red Snow, Standing in the Light.

It was also during this time period that I discovered the American Biographies series, which told the stories of famous Americans throughout history. It was through these biographies that Daniel Boone and Clara Barton become historical hero’s and heroine’s to me.
Now that I am older reading has become a way for me to escape when life gets hard to deal with sometimes. I can pick up a book and be transported somewhere else as soon as I start reading. I can go back in time or to a foreign country, live on a ranch, etc; with the turn of a page just by opening a book. I know that this sounds strange but most of the time I don’t like seeing pictures of the books hero’s on the cover, I like to use the author’s description and my imagination to picture what the hero looks like.
Even now my mom can’t figure out why one kid loves to read while the other kid my sister can’t stand to read. It’s a struggle to get her to read the books she has to read for school, sometimes I find myself reading the books along with her, just so she has someone to talk about the books with.

and the Little House books. I loved the Little House Books so much that when I was allowed to name my little sister I named her after the author and the main character in the book.

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