Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring reading thing 2011 follow up post

I did not finish all the books on my spring reading list,  I didn't realize that a few of the books  had not released yet. I was in the middle of Pride and Prejudice on the last day so I can not count that one. I also didn't read all of the non-fiction books I had listed. For the most part I stuck to the original goals.  My favorite book this spring was Pearl in the Sand by  Tessa Afshar, my least favorite book was Here Burns my Candle by Liz Curits Higgs. A new author I discovered was Tessa Afshar, she is now a favorite authoer of mine.

I learned a few things about what to look for in a future spouse by reading Preparing to be a Help Meet Debi Pearl. It challenged to narrow down what books I wanted to read, to stick to a list.


  1. It helps me to stick to a list too. You did good, whether you finished your actual list or not. Be proud of yourself, especially for learning more what to look for in a mate. Time well spent!

  2. Nice job. I think the great thing about this challenge is the flexibility and what we learn about ourselves as readers.

  3. A list helps me to narrow down too. There are just so many books in my book basket and then I go to the library and am tempted to take more! LOL.
    Good job, it's fun to discover a new author one likes, isn't it?

  4. Sometimes just making the goals and working toward them is reward enough, even if we don't do everything we set out to do. It sounds like you got plenty of reading in though and enjoyed it. Good job! Thanks for being part of SRT '11!