Friday, June 17, 2011

Review of The Amish Midwife

Title:  The Amish Midwife
Author: Mindy Starns Clark/ Leslie Gould
Series: Don’t know
Chapters: 32
Pages: 323
Genre: Amish Fiction
Rating: 4 ½ stars 9/10
            She wanted to find out the truth about her birth parents and family; however Alexandra (Lexie)Jaeger  would discover more than she bargained for. Going to Pennsvylia to help a Lay-midwife who is legal trouble Nurse-Midwife Lexie hopes to find information about her birth mother and why she was given up. Along the way she makes new friends, learns the differences between the Amish and Mennonite. Will Lexie find her birth family? Will she like what she finds out? Can she live with the truth?
     The only reason I rated it 4 ½ stars and 9 out of 10, was because it wasn’t the Amish fiction that I was use to. I am use to the Amish and Mennonite fiction of Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, Kim Vogel Sawyer, and Wanda Brunstetter. Their books seem to be written more along the lines of the old order Amish, and old order Mennonite. Mindy Starns Clark seems to write about the other sects of Amish and Mennonite. Lexie and her adopted parents belonged to a Modern Mennonite group, so it was a little hard to follow; however it was a good book.
     I would recommend to anybody who loves to read Amish and Mennonite fiction, however it may be different than what you are use too.

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