Wednesday, July 6, 2011

review of Look to the East

Title: Look to the east
Author: Maureen Lang
Series: The Great war
Chapters: 41
Pages: 347
Genre: Christian Historical fiction
Rating:5 stars 10/10

            Julitte Toussaint is the adopted daughter of Nasscrie. She is treated as an outcast in her village, because of her past. She seems to know things that other don’t, the village treats her like a leper. In the village the Toussaint’s and the de Colvilles have a feud going on that has been going on for years. When the German’s invade will the two sides stop from fighting?
Charles Lassone a Belgian and an American along with seven other men is hiding in the village, can the two sides protect these strangers and themselves from the Germans? When Julitte discovers Charles’s hiding place will he remain in hiding or will he take the chance to leave to get through the lines to become a war hero?
            When I first so this book I didn’t think that I was going to like the book. I’ve never read a book set during the First World War. After reading the book I fell in love with the characters. It felt almost like I was there living with the villagers facing the challenges of everyday life during WWI. Maureen Lang brings her characters to life. Look to the East is the first book in The Great War series. I will be reading the rest of the series. With Look to East the author focuses more on the life of the civilians and the people that were held basically prisoner by the Germans. Most war novels focus on the people fighting the war. Reading the novel has made want to study more about WWI and maybe read more fiction novels from this time period. I really enjoyed reading the book I’d would recommend it to anyone who loves historical fiction or anyone who enjoys reading.  My opionons about the book are my own.

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