Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review of The Lost Crown

Title: The lost Crown
Author: Sarah Miller
Series:   no
Chapters: 49
Genre: Teen Historical fiction
Rating: 5 stars 10/10 even though it’s sad.
The lost Crown is told from the point of view of all four or the Grand Duchesses, each chapter is written from their point of view, what they are going through. So you get to get in each of their “heads” there’s not one certain view. The four Grand Duchesses Olga headstrong, Tatiana-tallest, Maria hopeful for a ring, and Anastasia-smallest, the big pair and the little pair. Everyone knows how the story of the Romanovs ends, but it was still neat to read a book imaging what the girls’ life might have been as teens and young women.
My favorite scene from the book is the scene in which the empress and the grand duchesses are sewing jewels into their clothes. Normally I wouldn’t share an important scene from a book; but sense this is an historical novel and if you had Europe history then you know about this scene and why they did it. The end of the book contains historical information about the last Czar of Russia and his family as well as pictures.
I really enjoyed reading each chapter from the viewpoint of a different daughter. The book said that it recommended for 12+ but I would say that it would be best to be read mostly by teens, because of the content. It’s a sad book, but it was also a great book. I also suggest having tissues ready. It took me a while to read this book, because I had to take a break every time it started to make me sad, which meant the end was the longest part of the book. It is however a great book. Wonderful read.

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