Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review of Christmas Gifts

Title: Christmas Gifts
Author: Gail Gaymer Martin/ Brenda Minton
Small Town Christmas/ Her Christmas Cowboy

Title: Small Town Christmas
Author: Gail Gaymer Martin
Series:   Love inspired
Chapters: 11
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating: 4 ½   stars
     Holly and Ivy Russet are 7 years old twins who begin acting up in class in order to get attention from their father. They feel that getting punished for their bad behavior is better than no attention at all. The only thing that the girls want for Christmas is a mom. They try to fix their dad up with their teacher.
     Amy has come to the small town where she spent her summers to like with her grandma after losing her teaching job in Chicago. She has had, had a crush Mike Russet she was 19. Will the twins get what they want for Christmas? Will Amy have a reason to say in the small town? Will Mike take a chance at love again?

Title: Her Christmas Cowboy
Author: Brenda Minton
Series:   Love inspired
Chapters: 9
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating: 5 stars
     Elizabeth Harden is in Oklahoma to be at a charity event that her father’s company is sponsoring. After being jilted by her fianc√© days before she was supposed to marry; she wants nothing to do with any man. Especially a heartbreaker like Travis Cooper.
     When she’s is snowed in more like iced in she ends staying with the Cooper’s and she ends up discovering that there’s more to Travis than meets the eye. Travis never considered himself the marrying kind till he met Elizabeth. Will he be able to convince Elizabeth to take a chance on him? Can Travis be Elizabeth’s Christmas cowboy?  

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