Friday, December 23, 2011

Review of A Soldier for Christmas

Title: A Solider for Christmas
Author: Jillian Hart
Series:   The Mckaslin Clan/ Love inspired
Chapters: 16
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating:  4 ½ stars

     A solider for Christmas by Jillian Hart is another book in her McKaslin Clan series. It’s one of the books that is technically not about a Mckaslin. Kelly Logan has given up on love and her dreams of a family. She just wants to finish school at twenty-four she has be working her way through college to become a social worker.
     Mitch Dalton a Marine home on leave walks into the bookstore Kelly works at trying to find a birthday gift his mom. Mitch and Kelly went to high school together, but they really weren’t friends. Mitch asks Kelly for help finding his mother a birthday present, and ends up starting a friendship even though he’s leaving on a deployment. The two strike email correspondence why he’s deployed. The two start falling in love with each other. Kelly doesn’t want to admit her feelings to Mitch or even to her-self for fear of getting hurt.

 Will Mitch break down the walls that Kelly has around her heart? Will Kelly let herself dream again? A Solider for Christmas doesn’t really focus too much on Christmas the book goes from the summer through Christmas Eve when Mitch gets leave again.

 I really enjoyed reading the book, but I was a little confused by the title saying solider when the book says that Mitch is a Marine. I guess I am only hung up on that phrase, because I was raised in a military family and notice things like this. It's still a great read especially if you have read the other  McKaslin Clan books. 

The Book has been released from Love Inspired with another of Jillian's books Holiday Homecoming.  Another McKaslin Clan book this month. 

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  1. This book was really cute! I vaguely remember reading it and thinking it was one of those books with a lot "awww!" moments. ;D Sweet read - I should dig it out again and re-read it.