Thursday, December 22, 2011

Title: The Cowboy’s Holiday Blessings
Author: Brenda Minton
Series: Love Inspired Cooper Creek   
Chapters: 16 plus epilogue
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating: 5 stars
     The Cowboy’s blessings is the first book in the Cooper creek series about the Cooper family. I first discovered Brenda Minton’s books when I read Jenna’s Cowboy Hero and discovered a whole “cowboy” series after which I was hooked. I love reading about cowboys.
     Jackson Cooper is a reformed bad boy who has finally come to the Cooper ranch. He’s given up riding bulls to train horses and run his own ranch. It seems his mom’s and grandmother’s prayers are seeing fruit.
     Madeline Patton is a school teacher who wants to put down roots in the small town. That is if she can keep her past from catching up with her. Madeline knows that she is not Jackson’s type, but she can’t help falling for him.
     When a teenage girl shows up on his doorstep, Jackson turns to Madeline for help with Jade. A 33 year old bachelor he has no clue of what to do with a teenage. Even though he sure he’s not Jade father he takes her in so that’s she not alone at Christmas. The only thing that Jade wants for Christmas is a family of her own.
     Will Jackson admit that he loves Madeline? Will Madeline see that Jackson truly has changed and really does love her? Will Jade get a family in time for Christmas?
     I first discovered Jackson’s Character in The Cowboy’s Sweetheart where he was still the town’s bad boy, and again in The Cowboy’s Family. In The Cowboy’s Homecoming you see Jackson start to change. Brenda Minton’s “cowboy” series is a series in the since that the books have the same characters. You don’t have to read the books in order, but it helps since you don’t find out how other books end by reading newer books first. 

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