Friday, December 2, 2011

Review of Wonderland Creek

Title: Wonderland Creek
Author: Lynn Austin
Chapters: 35
Pages: 391
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 stars

     Alice Grace Ripley is living a dream world; her nose is always stuck in a book. When she loses both her job at the library and her boyfriend she decides to take a load of books from her hometown in Illinois to Acorn Kentucky.  What she discovers is a whole other world. To Alice it’s almost like she has stepped back in time. Depression era Kentucky is nothing like depression era Illinois.

     Alice is even more shocked when she meets librarian Leslie MacDougal. Turns out that Miss Leslie MacDougal as she thought is actually Mr. Leslie MacDougal “Mack.” Alice had only planned on staying in Acorn two weeks. When she offers to help Mack and Ms. Lillie with a few things she ends staying longer than she planned. She becomes one of the packhorse librarians taking books up to the people who live in the hills, and along the way she ends making new friends and wishing she didn’t have to leave.

     Will Alice finally learn that real life is actually more of an adventure than most of her novels? Will Mack finish what he started? Will either Mack or Alice find love?

     Wonderland Creek is only the second novel I have read by Lynn Austin the First being A Woman’s Place. I have to say that I liked Wonderland Creek more, I guess it’s because Wonderland Creek was set in my home state of Kentucky. It’s is also based on real events of the packhorse librarians who used to deliver books to people who lived in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky during the depression. Acorn Kentucky and Wonderland creek might be fiction, but the town and creek represent actual coal mine towns and creeks found all over Eastern Kentucky during the depression.

Lynn Austin did justice to the history and the people who called Eastern Kentucky home. It shows that she did her research when writing Wonderland Creek I would recommend this book to anybody it was a great read. 

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