Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review of Radiate

Title: Radiate

Author: Marley Gibson

Series: no
Chapters: 45 Plus epilogue

Pages: 403

Genre: teen fiction, teen chick lit

Rating: 4 stars
     I normally don't give books with curse words in it more than three stars as a personal preference. But since the book had an awesome message don't give up, and don't let cancer beat you. And the fact that it was fiction based on real life events I just had to give it four stars. Cuss words aside it was a great book. A Riveting read.
     For Hayley Matthews it is the summer before senior year; she’s made the cheerleading team and is looking forward to cheering at football games.  She boned with her flyer Lora and her best friend from childhood Gabriel has moved back to Alabama. She’s dating a football player; when she hears the words that no one especially a teenage wants to hear you have cancer.
     It’s through Hayley’s battle with cancer chemo and radiation that she truly finds out who her friends are. The ones that stand by her, but Hayley will also find strength that she never knew she had. It is a good read I just say caution because of the language I would have to say that it is for older teens and adults not younger teens. 

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