Monday, July 30, 2012

Review of While He was Away

Title: While He was Away

Author: Karen Schreck

Series: No though I kind of wish there will be a sequel.
Chapters: 25 plus a section of tips for Army girlfriends.

Pages: 249

Genre: Teen romance, life issues.

Rating: 4 ½ stars

     While He was Away is a different sort of book for teens. It takes on a serious nature to deal with an issue that effects more and older teens 17 and 18 year old high school seniors. Especially if one of those teens enlists in the military. As our soldier’s average age gets younger then so do their girlfriend’s age.
     This book looks at the families, friends, and girlfriends, left behind while the soldier’s at war. I know that it is important to remember the soldier’s who are fighting to protect our freedoms, let’s not forget the ones left behind. The ones that allow our soldier have to do what they do, the families and loved ones that hold down the home front.  Being a military wife of girlfriend is not easy, as a wife sometimes you have to be both mom and dad. As a girlfriend it is hard watching your friends go out with their boyfriends while you wait for a letter, an email or time on spkye.
     While He was Away is told from Penna’s point of view of her life and how she learns to cope while her boyfriend David is away in Iraq with the army.   While He was Away was a well written novel and the author tried hard to show what a military girlfriend goes through while her boyfriend is away in a war zone.  I am also not afraid to admit that While He was Away made me cry because it reminded me of my own teenage relationship with my won solider. While my relationship didn’t last I don’t’ regret the time I spent with him.  While I’ll do enjoy light hearted summer reads I am glad that more and more authors of teen books are touching on life’s issues that teen’s face.  

I just felt like reviewing a book that i checked out from my local library.

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