Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Downton Abbey meets the The Luxe Series

Title: Wentworth Hall

Author: Abby Grahame

Series: N/A
Chapters: 22 plus epilogue

Pages: 276

Genre: Teen Historical fiction

Rating: 4 stars (I don’t remember any bad language).

     The best way to sum up Wentworth Hall is simply this Downton Abbey meets The Luxe series. It is basically a Downton Abbey for teens, and it combines elements from The Luxe series. I remember picking up the novel at Barnes and Noble because I liked the cover. Then when I picked it up I discovered that it was set during the time period of Downton Abbey and about ten years after the The Luxe series ended and I was hooked.
     Maggie comes back from France different than the care free girl that she was before she left. Maggie also comes back with a secret that could change the whole family. For a first novel Wentworth Hall was a good read even though I felt that the ending was rushed. What I liked most was that the novel was a clean teen read. 

I just felt like reviewing a book from my own bookshelf

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  1. I have this on my Kindle...I need to get it read! :)