Monday, September 8, 2014

Reivew of Love's Fortune

Love's Fortune Cover RevealTitle: Love’s Fortune

Author: Laura Frantz

Series: The Ballantyne Legacy
Chapters: 37 plus epilogue  

Pages: 395

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Rating: 5 stars

Love’s Fortune continues the story of the Ballantyne family with the third generation. Rowena Wren Ballantryne is more at home in the Kentucky backwoods than in a Pennsylvania ballroom. She shares her grandfather and father’s musical talents. Love’s Fortune is a great conclusion to a family legacy. It was nice to visit with characters from the previous books in the Ballantyne legacy. Like the other books in the series there are quotes at the beginning of the chapter, that seem to fit that chapter 

Laura has done it again, another book that makes you  fall in love with the characters.  Laura writes a novel that is full of emotion, and faith. There’s always a happy ending at the end, but it’s a roller coaster ride to the end. Love’s Fortune like all of Laura’s books has faith blended into the story. It’s the main character’s faith that gets them through the hard times.

Love’s Fortune had a slight twist from Laura’s earlier novels is at least in my opinion is two very likeable heroes for different reasons. Two heroines in this novel worked as well to help give both heroes a chance.  I was happy with not only the end of the book but the ending of the series. I have to say that Wren has become my new favorite heroine of Laura’s.

While I am sad to see the Ballantyne family go the series was wrapped up nicely and any questions that I had were answered. 

And as always I cannot wait for Laura's next book. 


  1. Carisssa, I've said it before but it bears repeating - I'm so blessed to have you as a reader and reading friend. Your review means so much and I'm thrilled Wren means something to you. Now I must fashion a pin for your beautiful review! Thanks so very much!!

    1. I loved this series and family, and let's say I am glad you ended when you did. With the family coming full circle and without having to read through two burials of two very beloved characters.