Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review of Prisoner of Night and Fog

Prisoner of Night and Fog, Prisoner of Night and Fog

Author: Anne Blankman

Series: there will be a sequel

Chapters: 44

Pages: 401

Genre: Teen Historical fiction

Rating: 4.5 stars

     Prisoner of Night and fog is teen historical fiction novel set before the second world in Germany. Gretchen Muller is basically the adoptive niece of Hitler. Gretchen basically only has two friends Hitler’s actual niece and Eva Braun.  Till she meets Daniel Cohen a Jewish reporter who tells her that there is more to her father’s death than what she was lead to believe.

     I have always loved teen historical fiction or historical fiction in general.  But I especially love WWII fiction, especially those with love stories.  I guess it is because I got to hear a real life WWII love story growing up, and every sense then I’ve been hooked. Prisoner of night and Fog was more than just a love story. It used fiction to bring to life a very tragic time in the world’s history.  In way that was right for teen readers as well as being truthful.

     There are some scenes in the novel that are not for readers younger than the teen years, but adults can read this book and enjoy it.  I know I did. 

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